Dreambaby stækkun/framlenging 27 Cm. Hæð 75 Cm hvít á stækkanlegt þrýsti öryggishlið. Mögulegt að stækka / framlengja allt að 5.08 mtr

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Dreambaby stækkun / framlenging á þrýsti öryggishliðin með þrýstilokun á endum. XTRA BREIÐ. Með viðeigandi stækkunum er hægt að stækka/framlengja allt að fyrir 508 Cm (5.08 mtr) opnun. Stækkanir í boði eru 9-18-27-36-45-54-63-100 Cm breiðar / langar, hæðin er 75 Cm. Sjálfvirk lokun er á öryggishliði sem opnast í báðar áttir. Sterk og stöðug öryggishlið sem uppfylla EN öryggisstaðla. Hentar jafnt fyrir heimili og stofnanir. **Kíktu á myndbandið hér að neðan**

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITyrho0aNpQ  Góðar leiðbeiningar á Þrýstihliði sem hægt er að stækka að 5.08 mtr.

Quick Overview:

Dreambaby® Chelsea Xtra-Wide Hallway Security Gates are a perfect way to add safety and security to your childproof home.

They are suitable for openings between 97-108cm (38.1-42.5"). With optional extensions, they can fit openings up to 5.04m (198.5").

Prevent entry into danger zones around the homes and have some peace of mind, knowing that curious toddlers can't get into mischief.

Gate height 75 cm(29.5in) tall.


Safety gates are a really important part of child safety. They prevent children from entering potentially hazardous areas of the home without permanently blocking them off. Gates are sturdy and long-lasting, can be used all over the home and are suitable for pets as well.

Dreambaby® Chelsea Auto-Close Security Gates are pressure-mounted which means fuss-free installation with no screws or drilling! Perfect for temporary accommodation or a rental home. Super easy to install and remove!

Chelsea Gates are easy for adults to open, but very challenging for children. They allow you to block off an area of the home to children, without having to move all dangerous objects out of reach. 

  • Available in stylish black or white. 
  • Measure the opening before purchasing your Dreambaby® safety gate. 
  • If using an extension for extra-wide openings, simply attach the extension to your gate before installing.
  • A maximum of four extensions (two per side) can be used to extend openings up 4.82 m (189.5").
  • Too difficult for children to open. 
  • Gates open in both directions. 
  • One-handed easy opening system. 


                                 Watch the video below for more information:



Quick Overview:

Dreambaby® Chelsea Auto-Close Security Gates are a fantastic way to prevent injury and block entry into areas around the home, creating a safe and secure environment for your little ones.

They are suitable for doorways and hallways sized 97-108cm. With optional extensions, they can fit openings up to 5.08 m

Gate height 75 cm(29.5in) tall


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