Glæsileg Dúkku-Rúmföt Með Sæng 35x40 Cm & Kodda 14x24 Cm. Organic. Þau gerast ekki mikið flottari!

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Organic - 'Otrúlega krúttleg og falleg rúmföt með sæng og kodda á dúkku rúm og í dúkkuvagnana frá danska framleiðandanum SMALLSTUFF. Þessi eru til í nokkrum litum eru Organic. Frá þessum sama aðilla erum við líka með dúkkuvagna og margt margt fleira spennandi!......... Stærð á sæng er 35x40 Cm og Koddi er 14x24 Cm + rúmföt.
 Til baka á: Dúkkuvagnar - Dúkkuvörur

Smallstuff Doll Bedding is 100% in Organic Cotton beautiful delicate Babushka print. Perfect toy accessory when your child playing with dolls. The play gets more realistic, when the child can put the doll to sleep in fine bedding. The bedding series also comes in the baby, junior and adult sizes, so the child can match with the doll. The kidsroom would also look stylish with matching bedding as a part of the rooms interior.


  • Pillow: 14x24 cm / quilt: 35x40 cm
  • 100% organic cotton og GOTS certified
  • Wash separately at 60 degrees inside out
  • Tumble dry inside out

Smallstuff is a Danish brand that was founded in 2007. The brand uses only natural materials, like wood and cotton in their products. Smallstuff stands for funny designs and colors, which they happily mix in all ways. They have a lot knitted and hand crochet thing in their assortment, that secures that all the things is made with feelings and not just is mass produced.

Smallstuff want to inspire children and there imaginative creativities, which they do, by getting in to the child universe in a happy and childish way. They also want to appeal to the parents with stylish products in natural and gorgeous qualities.

Smallstuff is always innovative and customizes to the trends, colors and designs of the day.


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