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Bakpoki /skiptitaska í Neopren efni dökkgrátt - vatnsheld efni. Sporty og skemmtileg lausn í ferðalagið og hvar og hvenær sem er....
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Trendy nursery backpack in neoprene. This makes the backpack water resistant and therefore rainproof. The inside of the backpack is nylon.
In Dark Grey with a light grey nylon inside and grey detailing.The backpack is ideal for sporty parents that like to go for a walk with their baby while having their hands free at all times. Or for trendy dad's that would rather carry a nursery backpack with them. A nursery bag is a lot of the time a heavy item that is very difficult to take with you. The heavy bag makes your stroller instable or the shoulder straps is not long enough to carry the bag over your shoulder. These worries are now in the past! You can easily take care of your little one on the road.The backpack is delivered with a foldable changing mat. On top of that there is plenty of storage space to store all of your nursing items. The nursery backpack consist of two large compartments. The front compartment has a holder for the nursery mat and has 2 practical pockets. The main compartment has a key holder and 2 bottle holders to hold your feeding bottles. Also this compartment is devided in several smaller departments in order to organise and seperate diapers, extra clothes and personal stuff. The ergonomic shoulder belts fit perfectly round the shoulder and are adaptable.

DIMENSIONS: 45 x 32 x 16 cm 
COMPOSITION : Neoprene - Nylon - Polyester
MAINTENANCE : Machine wash at 30° - Do not tumble dry


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